Altitude Shift

This is Munds Park, AZ (about 20 miles south of Flagstaff). We were there this past weekend because Tony’s band played at a private party there. The altitude is 6,590 feet so we got a 24 hour break from the over 100 degree temps of summertime Phoenix. It was about 20 degrees cooler than it was in Phoenix.

Munds Park is surrounded by Coconino National Forest and you can walk through a little gate right into forest land down the street from where the party was.

Wikipedia states the population of Munds Park as 631, but I don’t know if that includes all the Phoenix people who have cabins and second homes up there because it seems like there were almost that many people at the party.

Someday I’ll be a big tree, too…

The sad thing is the long drought we are in has taken its toll on the forest. The Ponderosa Pines are dry and scraggly. The earth has big cracks in it.

We need some rain!

I don’t know what this turquoise-colored thing is; maybe it’s just something as unglamorous as a bead someone dropped at some point. Or maybe it’s a perfectly round chunk of turquoise or the seed of an exotic plant or the egg of a mysterious alien…

And I have to show you two more pictures. This is Maddy, our friends Larry and Iris’ dog, who also went to the party. She’s all set for a hike in the forest.

And this is Karma, the party-thrower Mike’s dog. She loves parties and knows how to work a crowd.


5 thoughts on “Altitude Shift

  1. From your photos I can tell how dry it is there.What a shame! It is getting dry here now too and the threat of wildfire is on everyone’s minds. Summer finally came suddenly.


  2. These are appealing shots in the woods. I was in Tucson one summer and we used to escape up Mr. Lemon to find some cooler air. Karma looks like a real winner of a doggie!


  3. oh, what a cute name for a dog… iris. i always wanted to name my first daughter that. she is such a cute dog. love her shoes!

    wow… this draught seems to be affecting everyone! i hope you get rain soon… as i hope it comes our way, too!


  4. Karma is absolutely adorable!!
    Glad you were able to escape the heat for a while. It has been hot here also, but right now the lack of rain is far more of a concern. Everything is scorched and really quite dormant. 😦


  5. It takes the enlarged version to fully appreciate the detail and rich color in this series. Your shots do convey the impressive quality of Sedona.


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