Mystic Trail

As is always the case when I’m in Sedona, I can’t whittle my photos down to a manageable size for the blog. Some of them are taken a mere few feet apart but every view when you are in Sedona is amazing and majestic, and it’s just impossible to narrow them down too much. I selected only 21 but that seems like too much to make you look through so I’ve inserted them in a slideshow at the end of this post, if you want to take a look, and just highlighted a few of them individually. Again, they look much better enlarged.

Bell Rock

We drove through Sedona on our way back from Munds Park a few days ago, to avoid as much of the traffic as possible on I-17. It didn’t work that well, we should have detoured a little longer, but at least we got to experience the beauty of Sedona once again.

Cathedral Rock

We were on the Mystic Trail, named, no doubt, for all the vortices in the area.

Even though I’ve lived in Arizona for 38 years and have been to Sedona countless times, I am always awed when I see it again. The other thing that I know about Sedona but conveniently always sort of forget is that it’s basically as hot as Phoenix in the summer. You can’t really go to Sedona to cool off even though it’s higher in elevation~the temperature difference is about 5 degrees, at best, and when it’s 115 in Phoenix, 110 doesn’t feel that much better. So my frequent dream of a simple multi-million dollar summer home there will probably never come to pass.

Courthouse Butte
Chapel of the Holy Cross in the distance
Storm’s a brewin’

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See my shots of Sedona last summer here and here.

Bye, Sedona, hope to see you again very soon…(shot through the windshield)

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