Garfield Galleria

This mural was done by Coxy (also known as ArtsyCoxy), Eric Cox, in spring of 2012. He had a studio in Garfield Galleria but has now moved to a different location in Phoenix. This was a parting gift to the gallery. Called Old Man Phoenix, Cox says the large-scale work has a message~the word “embrace,” which you can find hidden in the mural, is what he’d like to see a little more of (figuratively) in Phoenix. If you click on the photo and then further enlarge it, you can see the word. Read more here.

In the alley behind the gallery, I noticed this mural, practically hidden by bushes and the parking structure:

And this door, which I think leads to a house on the other side of the alley, is kind of magical, I thought:

All of this is next to the tattoo shop where El Mac’s Nuestra Señora del Desierto is located, which I wrote about here.

4 thoughts on “Garfield Galleria

  1. I like the different subjects of these murals. The first one is impressively detailed considering its painted on a huge wall. Very good post, Candace.


  2. Ooops! I am sorry Candace. I clicked on the wrong comment section for the Rte.66 post. 😦

    Now about this amazing mural…I cannot even imagine all of the work that went into this. It is truly beautiful.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



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