This is Jesus Saves by Francisco “Enuf” Garcia, done in 2011. He says his large-scale piece is personal; it’s a self portrait and a public display of his experiences and his beliefs. Read more here.

He now attends art school in Los Angeles but returns to Phoenix often and says, “There’s nothing like Phoenix. It’s the place where I started painting seriously, and a spot I still want to come back to every chance I get.”

Wanna see him painting a mural in San Francisco recently?

A few blocks from this mural is the one below. The owner of the house makes accessories out of old inner tubes. You can read about it here.

Cherry Bombin

And, closeby, at an apartment complex…don’t know anything about it…

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3 responses to “Saved

  1. Very interesting story about Garcia! That is a major turn-around for him! Belongs in the “good news”category!

  2. Very interesting to meet this artist who moves from the coast to Phoenix often. Great look work. I enjoyed seeing the video too. Nice post!

  3. How wonderful this is Candace!
    You find the most fantastic street art.

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