Needs Work

I was out mural-shooting the other day and came upon this little building and it really appealed to me. It was partly cloudy and had rained a lot the night before so I “copied” the style of another local mural photographer, Niba DelCastillo, on the above shot. He does some awesome things with skies and angles sometimes. Update: see end of post*

It is being worked on now so I’m eager to see what it will become. In looking at Google maps, it looks like it was a house most recently with several additions that covered up most of this original building. It’s very small so they’ll have to add something to it, I think, but I hope they are preserving this structure.

These next photos were taken in Prescott a few weeks ago on Whiskey Row, their historic saloon-laden street. In May, one of the old bars, the Bird Cage, burned down, along with 2 other businesses.

Livin’ on the Fringe

This is not the sort of shot I normally take (and I was across the street so he was unaware) but a couple people who saw it elsewhere liked it so I included it here. I don’t think he needs work but he definitely needs some sort of help.

*Here is my original photo, edited by Niba himself in Dynamic Light and Snapseed (neither of which I have ever used). Thanks, Niba, it’s very cool!


6 thoughts on “Needs Work

  1. I too really find that little old brick building appealing. Good that you got photos of it now. You’ll have to see what it becomes.
    I was particularly interested when I read those signs and saw the photos you took in Prescott. I didn’t even think of Prescott as needing that type of sign but obviously, as tourists, when we were there, we must not have ventured into that ‘area’. A person never knows. So glad I popped by again. Diane


  2. That’s certainly a building that should be saved somehow! The signs are a rather sobering reminder of where we’re at these days, isn’t it! Times have sure changed. You know, in my high school days (in the 50’s) just about every kid who drove to school (and there weren’t all that many) had a gun or two in the car because many of us would hunt either before school in the morning or after. No one ever thought about any of us using them for any other purpose than hunting and it was never an issue. Look at us now!


  3. I enjoyed the series on the little building…and what it may become. The old fellow appears to be in some discomfort.
    It does make a fine street shot…one you couldn’t pass up.


  4. Candace, this little structure is wonderful. I do hope someone cares for it. I absolutely love “On the Fringe.”. A very sad, yet very beautiful image.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend.


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