Another Lalo on RoRo

This new Lalo Cota mural is just a couple blocks down from the Lauren Lee mural in my last post. And, being in a busy downtown area, I have had the same problem catching it with no cars in front of it. So I gave up on that plan, wanting to capture it before it might change.

I wanted to make sure I photographed it, even with cars, because I’m wondering if this is one of those walls where the mural may change regularly. Until a few weeks ago, this wall looked like this:

Gold, Oil, Drugs also by Lalo Cota. I blogged about it then here. And it was a fairly recent mural, too, so maybe the current one will not be there long either. Maybe it’s a revolving Lalo wall…not a bad thing.

You can see Niba DelCastillo’s shot of it sans cars here.

Just a little down the street from this mural is a new, temporary park with a big community mural done in late February that I posted about here. Since then, other improvements have been made to make the park a nice gathering place for people in the neighborhood (when it finally cools down).

This piece was at Arizona State University until recently.

There are little benches and shaded areas inside.

The “ribs” were just painted red a few weeks ago.

You can see monOrchid in the background with the Isaac N. Caruso mural I wrote about here.

We have some awesome downtown community activists, artists, homeowners, and business owners who work very hard to turn a formerly blighted area into a dynamic, attractive, fun place to go.


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