H-Bird Sanctuary

I love the look of the rocks against the cor-ten and vines. The other day while looking for signs of fall, I found a little park that I have been looking for half-heartedly for quite awhile. It’s embarrassing how close it is to where I work in Scottsdale and yet I just couldn’t seem to find it.

I looked on Google maps around the area, found it on the map, and then finally found it in person. It’s small and kind of gets lost in the surrounding buildings.

It’s got 5 of these steel trumpet flowers, designed after real trumpet flowers.

A couple are almost bare and the other 3 are in various stages of being covered with hummingbird-attractive vines.

It’s been there for 17 years, I must have driven past it countless times! Another local blogger, John Romeo Alpha, blogged about it over 2 years ago, but I still couldn’t find it.

After over 3.5 years of blogging, it’s always fun to find a new-to-me place to blog about and photograph. Incidentally, most of the photos in my last post were also taken here, including those of the 2-headed butterfly.


7 thoughts on “H-Bird Sanctuary

  1. Those are certainly unique, but you know, they look like they would be just perfect for hummingbirds once the vines bloom. Plenty of places to hide and they appear to be very safe for them.


  2. The trumpet styled pieces in the park are very picturesque and attractive. I’m glad you finally found this little park. A fine series sharing it with us. Good job of shooting.


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