New Lens, First Day

(If this isn’t animating by itself, click on it.)

I’m not that much into photo gear. I’ve mostly been shooting with the convenient and versatile 18-135mm kit lens that came with my Nikon DSLR 3 years ago and occasionally with the nice 10mm fisheye Tony got me or my old 50mm lens from my film Nikon (that doesn’t meter). But, the other day, I stopped into the Ritz Camera close to my house (all the Ritz’s are going out of business :() and got a deal on a 55-200mm Nikon VR (Vibration Reduction) lens.

I am into special effects, though, so forgive some of the possibly silly ones you will see here. I was just going to do a couple but it got out of control.

The new lens did make it a lot easier to sneak up on my little hummer friends from the cover of a nearby tree.

Strawberry Fields Forever…

I was at the nursery buying some pots and flowers yesterday and saw this cool plant. I don’t know what it is but these 2 guys that work there were riding around in a cart and started singing Strawberry Fields Forever when they saw me taking the photo.*

Okay, this one above may be the hokiest of the special effects here but I kinda like it. It’s a rare bird.

And, lastly, this tiny butterfly was no more than 1/2 an inch. Although 200mm was still not close enough to get a good shot, I wouldn’t have even attempted it with my 135mm. I can’t ID this butterfly, though…can you?

*Noelle, the AZ Plant Lady identified the strawberry fields as red gomphrena. Apparently they really are nicknamed Strawberry Fields.


10 thoughts on “New Lens, First Day

  1. I love the effect. I am so sad that the Ritz stores are closing. Are there any other camera shops in the Valley (besides Best Buy, which doesn’t count)?


    1. There’s Wilson Camera at 32nd and Camelback, they’re locally owned and have been around for a long time. That’s where I usually buy my photo stuff. And I think there are a few other locally-owned places, Foto Forum on 7th Street and Tempe Camera…


  2. I love your hummingbird photos! I just got a bunch of plants from Baker’s today….so happy 😉

    The red plant is called Red Gomphrena.

    Hope that answers your question 🙂



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