More Autumn Stuff

These petunias are on my front porch now. Remember when I posted the postcards I received as part of the Liberate Your Art postcard swap? Well, I exchanged a couple more photos with some other participants so I thought I would show them to you, too, since they’re so pretty.

This one above is from Natasha. She’s a henna artist and this is made with henna, can you believe it?

*Oops, see disclaimer below in the comments, I got it a little wrong.

Anna is a talented artist whose blog I’ve been reading for some time. Look at the beauty in those water drops.

This autumn equinox card is from my cousin, Deborah, and has a Mary Oliver poem inside.

I have autumn leaves in my yard, too…

…but they’re fake. I guess you knew that. Hmm, maybe it’s time for a little roadtrip up north? This should be peak fall color season up there.

This is the time of year our pomegranate bush has fruit.

I baked pumpkin bread…from a mix…that’s pretty good for me.

“We got a new rug and matching giraffe. Mom says it’s hers but we almost never see her laying on it.”


4 responses to “More Autumn Stuff

  1. Very pretty, all! I am in awe of the art by Natasha. And of course, in love with the cats.

  2. Thanks for sharing these other photographer’s work. They are beautiful pictures that show so much talent. Pumpkin bread sounds so good!

  3. Disclaimer: the artwork on my postcard is based on a henna design, but done with acrylics, lumiere powders and Jones Tones glue/paint in a henna cone (for the fine lines).

    Thanks for swapping with me; too much fun!

    Love your comfy kitties!

  4. Candace, these are wonderful!
    So much beautiful color.
    I just love the pomegranate photo.

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