In the Mood…

Okay, cemeteries creep me out a little but I know not everyone feels that way so I didn’t want this post to be unnecessarily spooky as that seems disrespectful. However, I, personally, would never hang out in a cemetery in the middle of the night alone or anything. Uh-uh. I’ve seen way too many movies that started out that way and ended badly.

This one is large and pretty and has an older (for Phoenix) section, which is where these photos were taken. Over 20 years ago, I lived a mile or so from this cemetery and occasionally rode my bike through it. There was a sign posted that it closed at either dusk or sunset, I can’t remember which. So one late afternoon, I was riding around and suddenly realized it was getting late. When I went back to the entrance gate, it was locked! And the fence was way too high to jump. I can’t tell you how horrified I was. I did get out a few heart-thumping minutes later after being toyed with by a couple of snarky guards driving by.

I don’t think I had gone back there until today…when I had my car and cell phone with me and watched the time carefully. The fact that I seemed to be the only one around did make me uncomfortable and I was glad to leave. Incidentally, the closing time is now listed as 6 pm which removes the ambiguity of dusk or sunset. And the fence is now definitely hoppable, if necessary. Maybe I wasn’t the only one trapped in there…that is spooky.

Oh, and the mausoleum with the barred window? Is that to keep someone in or someone out? And why does it seem to be a bit ajar?

If it makes you wonder, then Happy Early Halloween.


5 thoughts on “In the Mood…

  1. Sometimes when I go for a bike ride I go through the cemetery in the town near where I live, but it has no gates, just a cattle guard at each entrance. From it one can see one of the nicest views around, looking out over the whole valley. There are some very old headstones there, and many of the names on the headstones are the same as many of the place names in the general area.


  2. A fine, even if somewhat creepy, series of cemetery pictures. I like the “stone” theme which is typical of cemeteries. Your experience was horrifying… I’m glad they walls have been lowered.


  3. You want to know something crazy? Cemeteries creeped me out too until I saw a PBS television show about them and learned the difference between cemeteries and graveyards.

    Of course, graveyards still creep me out. But some cemeteries (like the one in downtown Atlanta) are considered parks, and are beautifully maintained. Zombies People there actually go to the cemetery on lunch breaks, for community events, or just to hang out.

    Too bad we don’t have anything like that in the Phoenix metropolitan area.


  4. I don’t mind cemeteries during the day, but being trapped in one at night would be a whole different story! I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, but right now, it sure is a funny story! 🙂


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