Spooky Animated Halloween

If the Bates Motel* isn’t animated, click on it…

If you don’t see the horrifying specter in the cemetery above, click on it.


Even a happy jack-o-lantern is eerie…

Click on the pumpkin to be scared!

If there isn’t something terrifying in the upstairs window of the haunted house, click on it.

Have a Spooked Halloween! ←If you’re not frightened yet, click there.

*Disclaimer: the Bates Motel is from a postcard ©Universal Studios.


5 responses to “Spooky Animated Halloween

  1. LOL! Have a very Happy Halloween!

  2. I really miss having Halloween in Arizona. It was my favorite holiday there, taking the kids out trick or treating.

  3. Love, love, love The Bates Motel, Candace!
    Wonderful photographs.
    Happy Halloween to you!

  4. I’m one of the scared viewers! Spooky series.

  5. Very fun, Candace!!! Hope your Halloween is sweet:)

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