The Interloper

A short story, told mostly in pictures…

A cheery little hummer enjoys some sweet nectar and happily flits around.


The bossy hummer is happy again.

This is what I love about blogging~that I feel compelled to take more photos than I normally would, pay more attention to my surroundings than I normally would, and then research what I’ve found. I now know a lot more about various butterflies, birds, flowers, animals, places, artists than I would have ever discovered if I wasn’t trying to capture them all digitally and record them here.

This previously-unknown-to-me little yellow bird is a verdin (aka yellow-headed bushtit). They are found in only 5 of the US states, all desert southwestern states: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. They’re inquisitive yet shy, only 4 inches long at the most, and one of the smallest perching songbirds in North America. They build unique, basket-like, enclosed nests (which I have yet to see). They love nectar but are not pollinators. Verdins will also visit hummingbird feeders, sometimes using the feeding holes, but more often probing small cracks or openings around the feeders to collect dried sugar water. They also like pomegranate trees and we have one. Read more about these pretty creatures here.

11 thoughts on “The Interloper

    1. Thank you, it’s just sugar water. I don’t add the red coloring because I’ve read some studies that say it’s harmful to the hummers. We get a lot of action at that feeder even though there is only one feeding hole. They line up 🙂


  1. Your series does tell a story very well. Nice shots of this unusual bird. You have the ability to post a number of shots which are related. Aminus3 will not permit more than one-a-day!


  2. Candace, this series is wonderful, and I just love that hummingbird feeder. Never seen one quite like it, and will definitely be looking for one for next summer.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!


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