Urban Farming

Like many other cities, central Phoenix has a lot of residents involved in sustainability and chicken raising. Last weekend was an annual event called Tour de Coops. “Advocates of raising urban chickens and other poultry often do so in conjunction with edible gardens and say the practice provides food, entertainment, and peace of mind.” There were about 30 yards/coops on the tour. While I understand why people do it, I’m not personally interested in raising chickens in my yard. But I knew that one of my neighbors a street over was one of the stops on this year’s tour and he allowed neighbors to drop in also.

I do think his raised box gardens are really nice. He built the boxes and has, in fact, started a business building them and coops for customers. He and his wife had a lot of chickens and theirs were not just your run-of-the mill chicks.

It isn’t easy getting chickens to look at the camera.

They not only have their backyard full of crops but also their front yard.

It looks like a lot of work to me in addition to having a job and life, etc. I think, for now, I’ll stick with my pot of basil on the patio and the herd of cats in our yard.


6 thoughts on “Urban Farming

  1. those are fantastic raised boxes he’s built. I miss having chickens but it simply wouldn’t be a proper fit in our new place. But I love hearing them most of all and they eat all the bad bugs and slugs in the yard.


  2. Those are great looking plant boxes! Seems like the Valley would be a good place to do that, especially in winter. I remember we grew a lot of stuff when we were there. Chickens, well I don’t know.


  3. They’ve done a nice job making their garden/coops attractive! It’s so much work to care for everything, but it’s priceless to walk out your door and have produces and eggs!


  4. The neighbor is doing a fabulous job of making his gardens look good and acceptable to the community. Fine series of shots. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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