Whisk It Away

Broom w:frame

Out with the old, in with the new…


Let’s hope for a more peaceful and gentle 2013…

CIMG0926 ripple

And sparkly, too…the dragon symbolizes good fortune and stands for new beginnings (this is a 6 foot Swarovski crystal dragon, each crystal hanging from its own strand to form the dragon, at Tottie’s Asian Fusion in Scottsdale).

Happy 2013!

Christmas Time in Arizona


He’s even red and green for the season.


Yes, it really does look like this here now. These were all taken within the last few days.




He’s made with palm bark. We found him discarded in the alley many years ago and rescued him.


Most of our tree ornaments are cat-related, oddly enough. A house is not a home without a cat, the ornament above says. In that case, it’s very homey here, inside and out. Google has been in the tree several times a day, so much so that some of the lights no longer work, but I’m never quick enough with the camera…hopefully, I can catch him over the next few days. Meanwhile, Stripey wonders…

Stripey Santa bubble

Eb Circle

Ebony always reminds me of a Santa cat with his fluffy white fur.


Click on the photo if the flames aren’t flickering.

Well, like everyone else, the next few days will be pretty busy for us, beginning with a get-together tonight so, for now…

MC from AZ

Happy Holidays and keep warm…

Elegant Ornaments

DSC_0043 ornate

If you’re in the Phoenix area and want to get the Christmas spirit, go to the Arizona Biltmore, infused with all that Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired historical significance.

DSC_0047 goth

Wander around the beautiful outdoor gardens, sit outside on the adirondacks, relax in the elegant lobby and have a drink where countless Presidents and movie stars have done the same.

DSC_0041 roundDSC_0045 gold

We have a lot of beautiful resorts in town but, to me, this is the best one any time of year. You can almost imagine that it’s the 1930s again. I wish I had taken more photos of the outside but since it’s 2 miles from where we live, maybe I’ll get back there this season.

DSC_0039 sparkle

DSC_0036 sf

You can see some photos I took of the gardens at the Arizona Biltmore, the Jewel of the Desert, in the springtime here.

Nature’s Ornaments





Today I’ll be going out and doing a little more Christmas shopping…to get the packages ready that need to be mailed out soon. Tomorrow we’ll probably put up our tree and do our decorating. I have 2 more work-related parties coming up this week, more shopping for local people, our Christmas cards to address…but I’m not really behind or feeling pressured yet…and hope to avoid that feeling.




So today I took a little walk around the yard and the immediate ‘hood and got photos of some of nature’s ornaments combined with nature’s lights. I know some of you are in the midst of “real” winter. This is pretty much what winter in Phoenix looks like.


DSC_0026 a_edited-1



How are your holiday preparations and festivities going? Are you in the mood? I’m not really but I’m hoping it will hit soon…


Aloe 2



Well, the WordPress snow is now falling again so I guess I should venture out of my yard and post something more seasonal. Besides, my stats are way down~I guess everyone is busy with the holidays. I’ve begun my shopping and we’ve started attending holiday parties and events.


These shots are from ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo, an annual event featuring 3.6 million lights and 700 light displays. The organization I work for reserves a November night right before Zoolights opens to the public every year for employees, their families, and guests to attend privately. There were still several thousand people there but it was less crowded than it is on a normal ZooLights night.

I posted about this same event 3 years ago and the shots are better than these. Check them out!


This year they had a new and awesome display…Music in Motion, synchronized to 15,000 lights and including a dozen 12-foot-tall floating light tubes, 26 dancing trees that surround the lake, and a 24-foot-diameter shimmering sphere that changed color continuously. I guess I consider this event the kick-off of our holiday season. See a few more festive shots in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you’re having a fun holiday season so far, too!