Nature’s Ornaments





Today I’ll be going out and doing a little more Christmas shopping…to get the packages ready that need to be mailed out soon. Tomorrow we’ll probably put up our tree and do our decorating. I have 2 more work-related parties coming up this week, more shopping for local people, our Christmas cards to address…but I’m not really behind or feeling pressured yet…and hope to avoid that feeling.




So today I took a little walk around the yard and the immediate ‘hood and got photos of some of nature’s ornaments combined with nature’s lights. I know some of you are in the midst of “real” winter. This is pretty much what winter in Phoenix looks like.


DSC_0026 a_edited-1



How are your holiday preparations and festivities going? Are you in the mood? I’m not really but I’m hoping it will hit soon…


Aloe 2


7 thoughts on “Nature’s Ornaments

  1. Christmas doesn’t feel real this year. Hubby is on the road and grown kids have families of their own … your photo sense is great, hopefully the road will bring me to your neighborhood with time to pause in the next year!!


  2. It looks like you still have some wonderful color, Candace. Everything here is quite gray now. Love the last photograph here. Gorgeous bokeh.

    Wishing you a bright beginning to your week!


  3. Candace, winter looks pretty charming and colorful in your neck of the woods 🙂 Snowy here…my hands got pretty cold out shooting today, even with mitts on.
    I’m ahead of the Xmas game this year, since we had a party here on Sat. Had to decorate early!


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