Elegant Ornaments

DSC_0043 ornate

If you’re in the Phoenix area and want to get the Christmas spirit, go to the Arizona Biltmore, infused with all that Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired historical significance.

DSC_0047 goth

Wander around the beautiful outdoor gardens, sit outside on the adirondacks, relax in the elegant lobby and have a drink where countless Presidents and movie stars have done the same.

DSC_0041 roundDSC_0045 gold

We have a lot of beautiful resorts in town but, to me, this is the best one any time of year. You can almost imagine that it’s the 1930s again. I wish I had taken more photos of the outside but since it’s 2 miles from where we live, maybe I’ll get back there this season.

DSC_0039 sparkle

DSC_0036 sf

You can see some photos I took of the gardens at the Arizona Biltmore, the Jewel of the Desert, in the springtime here.


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