Christmas Time in Arizona


He’s even red and green for the season.


Yes, it really does look like this here now. These were all taken within the last few days.




He’s made with palm bark. We found him discarded in the alley many years ago and rescued him.


Most of our tree ornaments are cat-related, oddly enough. A house is not a home without a cat, the ornament above says. In that case, it’s very homey here, inside and out. Google has been in the tree several times a day, so much so that some of the lights no longer work, but I’m never quick enough with the camera…hopefully, I can catch him over the next few days. Meanwhile, Stripey wonders…

Stripey Santa bubble

Eb Circle

Ebony always reminds me of a Santa cat with his fluffy white fur.


Click on the photo if the flames aren’t flickering.

Well, like everyone else, the next few days will be pretty busy for us, beginning with a get-together tonight so, for now…

MC from AZ

Happy Holidays and keep warm…


9 thoughts on “Christmas Time in Arizona

  1. We love you even more now that we’ve seen the Rescued Rudolph!! You’re a kind and thoughtful person! We have a great many found treasures. They appreciate being taken in, loved and given a second life. Wishing you good health, happiness and fun adventures in the new year. Diana, Tim and @RainbowCatsx8 ~ Annie, Julie, Chin, Zhaan, Daisy, Pom, Rocket and Freddie


  2. What a beautiful selection of photos, Candace! The hummingbird makes me long for spring. We finally got a bit of snow, so it looks like we just may have a white Christmas.

    I wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas. I am so glad we “met” here this year!



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