From Point A to Point B





These photos are from McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in lovely Scottsdale. It’s another park that I hadn’t visited in years but, a couple weeks ago, the office that I’ve worked in for the last few years relocated to a new building farther north in Scottsdale. If anyone had asked me, my preference would have been that we stayed where we were but I was not consulted.


Full-size railroad cars are all over the park. I think some of them are open to the public at times.




The new office is farther from where I live and I was worried~not being much of a morning person~that it would be hard for me to get to work on time. However, as it turns out, the drive is much quicker than I had feared and~as a bonus~it’s a really beautiful drive all the way from point A to point B.


In the mere 12 mile drive each way, there are a huge amount of parks, mountains, small lakes, nature preserves, trails, sculptures, fountains, beautiful churches, gorgeous resorts, flowers, birds, and stunning vistas…Some places I have photographed/blogged about previously are on my route, most recently the place where I saw the lone egret, but there are so many new photo ops awaiting that I’m almost excited to go to work…well, not really, but I’m even more excited to leave work everyday than before.


Right now, it’s a little hard to get many shots before it starts getting dark but, as we head into spring, the opportunities should be plentiful.

One of the 5 engines of the small-scale railroad available for rides...
One of the 5 engines of the small-scale railroad available for rides…

Paradise and Pacific Railroad was the first attraction to the park and continues to be its centerpiece. It’s built and operated as an exact 5/12 (5 inches equals one foot) reproduction of a Colorado narrow gauge railroad. The Paradise and Pacific Railroad carries delighted passengers throughout the park on a one mile track. The railroad features three steam locomotives, 2 diesel engines, several scale model cars, a turntable, water tank, trestles, and a 32 x 200 train shed providing protection from the elements. The train shed also houses a complete machine shop for building and maintaining the railroad.


8 thoughts on “From Point A to Point B

  1. I’m glad your longer commute has some redeeming features which may provide you with some picture opportunities. Very and appealing park that I’d like to visit.


  2. Candace, these are wonderful!
    I am not sure what it is, but for me, there is just something about trains. Love to be on them, and love to photograph them, especially the older ones.

    Wishing you a wonderful day ahead.


  3. Hi Candace,
    This looks like a great place to stop with your camera! I’m a train lover, so these really spark my interest 🙂
    Hope you have a super week!


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