A Little Oasis






It was the first sunny day after several uncharacteristically gloomy Arizona days so I made a stop on my way home from work. Everything was clean and fresh from the rain and this little oasis glowed golden in the setting sun.


This is a park in honor of a famous Arizona photographer…with many more claims to fame…




In Paradise Valley, AZ…his former home overlooks this memorial…sculpture by Joe Beeler.


4 responses to “A Little Oasis

  1. wow, love the golden light in all these images — Barry would approve! How wonderful they actually have a bronze of him — a photographer! I love that.

  2. I’m glad that he has been remembered that way!

  3. Candace, the tones and colors are wonderful in each of these, and the light in the first one is just gorgeous.

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend, and I wish you a great beginning to your week.

  4. A fine series. I enjoyed the shots under the warm, morning light. I still have a twin-lens Rolleiflex like the one in the statue.

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