Return of the Murals!


Well, the murals have been here all along, thriving and growing in numbers. I just didn’t get out to take photos of them for awhile due to the holidays, changes at work, life. Now I’ve lost track of where all the new ones are. Although I’ve tried to keep up through Facebook, it’s going to take some doing to catch up on them all.


But Calle 16, which is quite close to our house, was an easy way to jump back in and there have been a lot of additions and changes there. Check out this previous post of mine from almost a year ago to see how some of the murals have changed since then.


The El Mac portion remains unchanged while Lalo Cota changed his part of it, on the above wall.


This particular wall is all new work that was done in December 2012 and January 2013 by several artists.





Frida Frame

DSC_0005 crop


This is along the back and side of Barrio Cafe. The owner, Chef Silvana, was the impetus for the whole Calle 16 project several years ago.



This wall is also shown in the previous post mentioned above, as it appeared then. So you can see that there have been some overpaintings and changes while other walls remain the same.

If you’re ever in Phoenix, check out our alleys for lots of colorful surprises.


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