Isn’t he beautiful? He’s a Vermilion Flycatcher that we saw at the Hassayampa River Preserve near Wickenburg, AZ.


More than 280 types of birds have been documented at this preserve but we barely saw any during our 3 hour walk. We heard them (including a woodpecker) but until we were getting ready to leave, they kept themselves scarce.



I think this one, below, is a female vermilion flycatcher as they seemed to be hanging out together.

Female VF

Also spotted is what I think was a Mourning Cloak butterfly which is the state butterfly of Montana so maybe Terry can confirm my guess.

Mourning Cloak

There were quite a few of these flitting around but I couldn’t get very close.

And Tony correctly identified this as a praying mantis egg case which I was able to verify on the internet:

PM Egg Case

This is an American Coot, I believe.

American Coot

It’s a drab, stark place in the winter so this may not have been the best time to go. Even though we didn’t see much wildlife, I still took quite a few photos so I’ll be blogging more about the preserve in days to come. Here’s a hint:

Stark Trees


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