Tree Trunk

To pick up from my last post, this is more of Hassayampa River Preserve (owned by The Nature Conservancy)…full of gnarled cottonwoods, mesquites, and willows…

Gnarled Tree




The marshy Palm Lake is where we hoped to see some herons or ibises…but only saw some mallards and coots.




Web thing

I don’t know what this is but, if it’s a web, I didn’t want to see what made it.



Like many desert waterways, the Hassayampa River~which runs 100 miles from Prescott to the Gila River southwest of Buckeye~flows underground. This is one place where the river flows year-round.



Past the river, we began our ascent to the lookout…which will be the next post.



8 thoughts on “Gnarly

  1. I remember the Hassayampa River well, having spent a lot of time there so long ago, but I don’t remember the Preserve. Perhaps it wasn’t there in those days. It seems that we could cross the river somewhere out of Morristown, south of Wickenburg and head toward the old Vulture Mine. I loved that area!

      1. Thanks for that link! We spent a lot of time camping and exploring in that area in the 70’s and into the early 80’s and have lots of wonderful memories of it.

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