The Lookout


After walking by the “eye of the tree” in my last post and climbing to Lykes Lookout at the Hassayampa River Preserve, we were able to see a more “typical” desert landscape than the gnarled trees below us.






Mountains, blue skies, and saguaros in every direction.








BNSF Railway tracks wind through this area. And this concludes my winter series of the Hassayampa. Maybe we will head back later in the spring or early fall when the gnarled trees aren’t all bare and more wildlife is around. I have a feeling that summer would be very hot and humid there.


6 responses to “The Lookout

  1. Cactus are cool. Love the close ups

  2. I remember that the summers are very hot in that area but the winters were great. One year in the mid 70’s we camped near there over Thanksgiving, taking a full dinner with us. It was a wonderful trip! Won’t be long until those ocotillo will be in bloom again I’d think.

  3. I like the series of desert shot. I like the varied and close up shots of the cactus that let’s us see the marks and result of old age on these plants. Fine moon shot!

  4. Candace, your wonderful images always show just how beautiful the desert is. Love the cacti!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I want to go to the wild west someday ;)) unfortunately, between Romania and the US, there is a 1000+ km distance 🙂

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