85253 is the wealthiest zip code in Arizona: Paradise Valley. The town has only about 15,000 residents. It has very expensive real estate, with a median home price of $1.74 million, with many exceeding $10 million and some over $40 million.


On my 12 mile drive to and from work, I am in 3 cities: Phoenix, where I live, Scottsdale, where I work, and Paradise Valley, in between, on the particular route I take. Conspicuous consumption is not my favorite thing but, regardless, the town is quite lovely, and home to many well-known entertainers, politicians, athletes, and business people. I get to share their air as I drive alongside their Mercedes Benzes, Beamers (actually Bimmers, I just discovered), and Lexi. With several resorts, it is also a vacation destination.



These sculptures are at the Town of Paradise Valley Municipal Complex and kept catching my eye as I drove by. I’m fairly certain the artist is Jeff Zischke, although I couldn’t read anything on the small, rusted sign next to the above sculpture. I think there may be 4 of these there although I only saw two.


I love all the cut-outs, representing desert life, I guess, and seeing the actual landscape through them. This post from 2 months ago was also about Paradise Valley and one of its famous former residents.


7 thoughts on “85253

  1. It’s hard to fathom real estate in that price range. I like the cutouts in those roadside objects. The third shot is my favorite for its graphic look.


  2. Paradise Valley sounds like quite a place, Candace. I cannot begin to imagine what a 40 million dollar house must look like.
    I love this sculpture. Someone was really creative here.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


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