85253 is the wealthiest zip code in Arizona: Paradise Valley. The town has only about 15,000 residents. It has very expensive real estate, with a median home price of $1.74 million, with many exceeding $10 million and some over $40 million.


On my 12 mile drive to and from work, I am in 3 cities: Phoenix, where I live, Scottsdale, where I work, and Paradise Valley, in between, on the particular route I take. Conspicuous consumption is not my favorite thing but, regardless, the town is quite lovely, and home to many well-known entertainers, politicians, athletes, and business people. I get to share their air as I drive alongside their Mercedes Benzes, Beamers (actually Bimmers, I just discovered), and Lexi. With several resorts, it is also a vacation destination.



These sculptures are at the Town of Paradise Valley Municipal Complex and kept catching my eye as I drove by. I’m fairly certain the artist is Jeff Zischke, although I couldn’t read anything on the small, rusted sign next to the above sculpture. I think there may be 4 of these there although I only saw two.


I love all the cut-outs, representing desert life, I guess, and seeing the actual landscape through them. This post from 2 months ago was also about Paradise Valley and one of its famous former residents.


7 responses to “85253

  1. I never heard of Paradise Valley but I guess it is aptly named! Great sculpture with all the little cut outs.

  2. Love those, must ride over there and check them out some time!

  3. I’m with you, on all accounts. Love the city but not the “conspicuous consumption.” Great pictures.

  4. I guess Paradise Vally has just gotten richer and richer. Kind of a shame really.

  5. It’s hard to fathom real estate in that price range. I like the cutouts in those roadside objects. The third shot is my favorite for its graphic look.

  6. Paradise Valley sounds like quite a place, Candace. I cannot begin to imagine what a 40 million dollar house must look like.
    I love this sculpture. Someone was really creative here.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  7. I really like these sculptures. They’re particularly appealing within the landscape.

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