Wading Birds

Green Heron 2

We went to a new-to-us place last weekend, the Riparian Institute at Water Ranch in Gilbert, AZ, one of the Phoenix ‘burbs. This 110-acre preserve is full of ponds, marshes, and lakes, and is home to over 200 species of birds.

Green Heron

The above two photos are of Cormorants, a different bird in each photo. I’m not sure if they are Double-Crested Cormorants or Neotropic Cormorants since both have been seen at this preserve. And I could have spent hours (well, I guess I did) watching this endlessly-fascinating Great Blue Heron.


Of course, I didn’t have my camera on auto-focus so I was totally unprepared when he took a brief flight.

Heron Wings




GBH x 4

I was never able to get very close to the graceful and ethereal Great Egrets we saw. It sure would be fun to have a 400mm lens, rather than my 200mm, but I don’t think that will be in my budget for a long, long time. They are expensive!




If the below photo is not animated, click on it, to see some blurry shots of the flying heron.


Stay tuned for more wildlife photos from the beautiful Gilbert Riparian Preserve…


7 thoughts on “Wading Birds

  1. I love that word. Riparian. I had never heard it until I visited Tucson’s Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Riparian. Such an interesting word……Lovely photos too of course!


  2. You created a fine series with your visit to this different place. I liked the somewhat blurred, surprise flight of Great Blue Heron. I liked the animated shots too. All of these are very interesting and altogether make a fine post.


  3. Beautiful images, Candace. We live in Prince Edward Island (Canada), on the opposite corner of the continent from you, but we have blue herons, too. Last year was the first time we’d ever seen one flying. Thanks for the great post!


  4. You got a lot of great shots! We have them here on the lake. Very beautiful site every night at sunset when they fly from the feeding areas back to where they stay the night.


  5. Hi Candace,
    What a wonderful place to enjoy nature! The first image is my fav. Looks like a great spot to spend more time. Looking forward to your future adventures there and more birdie shots!
    Happy day to you 🙂


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