First of the Season


This isn’t the first butterfly I’ve seen this year but it’s the first one I’ve been able to photograph in my yard. And it’s another one that is new to me that I had to ID on the internet: a Checkered White!


Hi, there!
Hi, there!


Click for better detail on any of these.


Like many places, Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden has a butterfly exhibit every spring as well as a Monarch exhibit every fall but I’ve never been. I guess I assume it would be so crowded it would be hard to shoot. But I also like the challenge of finding them on my own, au naturel, in my yard, mostly, and then trying to identify them.


On May 25th, a whole new butterfly experience is coming to town, in Scottsdale, very close to where I work, Butterfly Wonderland: A Rainforest Experience. It looks interesting so I’m sure at some point, I’ll drop by.


Meanwhile, my yard is my favorite place capturing these assorted beauties. Here’s part of my collection from the past:

Gulf Fritillary, Painted Lady Variegated Fritallary, Giant Swallowtail Gray Hairstreak, Skipper
Gulf Fritillary~Painted Lady
Variegated Fritillary~Giant Swallowtail
Gray Hairstreak~Skipper

7 thoughts on “First of the Season

  1. Very nice series of photos! That’s really a pretty butterfly too, one with which I’m not familiar. I envy your flowers too. Here we still have very few in bloom.


  2. With such beautiful butterfly activity in your yard there is no need to go to the exhibits! How do you capture them so close and still? I have butterflies flitting around the yard but can’t imagine how I can capture them, photographically.


  3. How lucky you are to have all of these butterflies, Candace!
    They are just beautiful. We usually only see one or two kinds each year, so it is a real treat to see these here.

    Your photographs of them are wonderful!

    Happy Sunday to you!


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