The Taunter


Our hawks drop in from time to time although they don’t seem to have set up residence again in our immediate neighborhood. This guy was surveying his realm in our neighbors’ palm tree. Click for sharper images.


Oh, no, not that loudmouth again!

Oh, no, not that loudmouth again!


Get away from me, creep!

Get away from me or I’ll eat ya, creep!

Mockingbirds are very aggressive. You wouldn’t think they would want to taunt a hawk but they taunt cats, too, which isn’t always smart. Hawks usually prefer to snack on smaller birds than mockingbirds but I’m sure he could have taken him if he really wanted to. He mostly seems to just find him annoying.

I'm gettin' outta here...

I’m gettin’ outta here…


Free, at last!

Free, at last!

Oh, crap!

Oh, crap!

DSC_0078 soft

DSC_0079 soft


DSC_0081 soft



DSC_0084 soft use


8 responses to “The Taunter

  1. LOL! I’m sure that Mockingbird will be singing his own praise for a while following that brave confrontation.

  2. Hahahahah! Here we have sparrows who taunt the hawks. Those little guys have big brass ones!

  3. Hi Candace,
    I love hawk watching. At my house, it tends more toward eagle and heron watching, as they frequent our lakeshore. This was fun…your narrative and photos!
    Thanks for stopping at Mortal Muses to read my post. I greatly appreciate it!

  4. Nice series of photos! Nervy Mockingbird!

  5. I really like being able to see your fine pictures in a larger format. The added visibility adds to the enjoyment in a major way. Excellent series of the interaction between hawk and smaller bird.

  6. Again, another amazing capture… the saga of the hawk and the mockingbird… love it! Great pictures

  7. I actually have seen mockingbirds taunt cats, and they are really quite relentless.

    These are wonderful photographs, Candace, and it looks like they were taken on a beautiful day.

    I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  8. I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.
    Congratulations! 🙂

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