Liberate Your Art 2013


From Miriam Rogers in the UK.


From Lee Thomson.


From Nancy Jean.


From Tracy Swartz.


From Chris.


From Kat Sloma, creator of the Liberate Your Art postcard swap. Check out Kat’s video of all the postcards from 216 participants!

Side Swappin’


From Deanie Houghtaling.


From Roberta Warshaw.

And this was the postcard I entered, printed by


The desert, when the sun comes up…I couldn’t tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began.~Forrest Gump

This was the second year I participated in Kat’s swap. You send her 5 postcards, postage for 6, address labels for 6, and you get 6 postcards in return (from 5 other participants and one from Kat). Like last year, I also did a little side-swapping with some of the other participants that I “know” and may do a little more.

It’s funny because so many bloggers I “know” also participated in this swap; I keep seeing familiar names.

Check out the blog hop below using the link tool and see a lot of lovely and creative pieces! Thanks, Kat and everyone. I love all those I received!


31 thoughts on “Liberate Your Art 2013

  1. I love your postcard and quote. Makes me wanna go watch Forrest Gump again. What a great movie.
    That postcard with the stitching is also really cool.


  2. I LOVE the card you sent out — beautiful.
    Did you ever receive some amazing postcard art! This being my first year was quite exciting.


  3. You sent a lovely card and a beautiful quote, and received gorgeous art in return. I, too, was happy to see quite a few bloggers I know participating this year. You got a postcard from one of them!


  4. such a beautiful card you sent. I love all the different ones your received. It is amazing to see how many different cards there are out there and the beauty in each of them.


  5. I’m continuing to be impressed with the vast amount of wonderful art we all created and how far and wide these cards traveled!


  6. I love the community connection you see as you see the names in the swap – it’s because all of you share with each other online and in real life – and it leads you to the swap. I’m grateful for that! Thank you for joining this year.


  7. Wonderful post…Love your postcard…and what wonderful art you got in return!.. I’m enjoying hopping around all the blogs to see what lovelies everyone else got in their mail 🙂


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