What’s the Buzz?

Bee on Lantana soft_edited-1

DSC_0070 soft crop

“Tell us what’s happening.”

Goog Ear

“More tuna for me?”

Mar Sun

“Are we gonna have a catnip party?”


No…the buzz is…much as I love my trusty Nikon D80, I’ve now added a Nikon D7100 to my gear lineup. My D80 will be my backup body so I don’t have to change lenses much and so that Tony will have a camera to play with when we go on shoots. The higher resolution and 1.3x crop feature will, hopefully, allow me to have closer, sharper wildlife shots. I’m totally impressed with the reviews and totally overwhelmed with all the features. I spent some time this weekend doing online tutorials and I still feel confused and lost. Oh, well, once I actually start shooting, maybe it will become less muddled…hopefully. So far, I haven’t been able to bring myself to use it…

Bee Tiny_edited-2

“Oh, that’s the buzz…big deal.”


4 thoughts on “What’s the Buzz?

  1. As always, such wonderful photographs, Candace, and congratulations on the D7100. Every single thing I have read about it (and I read a LOT of camera reviews) is nothing but positive. I have the D7000 as a backup camera, and I love it!

    Have a wonderful week ahead.


  2. A fine series of shots leading us to your new equipment. I’m sure you made a fine decision to get the 7100. I keep older Nikons so I don’t have to change lenses… that helps keep “dust” where it belongs…outside my camera. 🙂


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