Major Learning Curve



Ugh, I’m frustrated with my new camera (the Nikon D7100)~not really it but, rather, my slow learning curve with it. I just finally fired off a bunch of shots this afternoon but I have a lot of settings I need to change because I’m not happy with these shots.



I sort of prefer manual focus but these were all done auto focus to take advantage of the 51 points of focus that is touted in the reviews. But now I know I have some things not set optimally and have to change them.


I also shot in the 1.3x crop mode but I still further cropped in post processing so I don’t like the look of these.

Oh, well, this little guy is cute and was trying to be a good model for me. If the sun had caught his head right, you could see all the red but it didn’t. He’s a male Anna’s hummingbird, I believe. You can catch a glimpse of red in the 3rd photo and a little bit on the top of his head below.


So, it’s back to reading more and messing with the bazillion settings again. I need a one-on-one coaching session.


9 thoughts on “Major Learning Curve

    1. I think that was some of it, it was early evening but I think I would have gotten comparable or better shots with my D80. I have to change some settings, for sure.


  1. I wonder if you had the anti-shake or image stabilization turned on. It tends to not be visible in photos like the second one where it has a straightforward job, but can make things like leaves in the first and third shots look more like soft focus distractions rather than nice depth of field controlled blur.


  2. I like your shots (since I don’t have to struggle with the settings) 🙂 I am still working on my Nikon’s settings. I’ve experimented to the extent of having to reset everything and start over. 🙂 You’ll like that camera once you get zeroed and making shots you like.


  3. He is adorable, Candace!
    Be patient with your camera (and yourself!).
    For me, there was nothing so frustrating as getting the focus I wanted, and there are plenty of times that I still miss. 😦


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