Through the Trunk


Take a peek through the trunk…with me…



Heron 2

Eeeeek, that is a freaky-looking heron! It’s a mutant!!!!!

Heron 1

Oh, wait, it’s only got the requisite number of legs, that’s a relief! I don’t know what that metal thing is; this is a flood control area in Scottsdale that I’ve written about before so maybe that is part of the control system. It’s the place with the horse gargoyles, Water Mark.


So it turns out Gilbert isn’t the only place around with Great Blue Herons. Lately, I’ve seen them at this lake when driving home from work so I stopped the other day and walked over. Too bad the “contraption” messed up my shots…and then the heron got annoyed at my closeness and flew away.


Purple Finch

4 thoughts on “Through the Trunk

  1. Lucky you! We had a few resident herons here in my city neighborhood at a place called Hall’s Pond. Then a few years ago during the building boom the water became so polluted from all the runoff that they left. They have never come back. Now with all the work on the Muddy River, they won’t go there either. Man marches on……………


  2. That freaky looking bird shot is so very eye-catching. I enjoyed the other views too. We have some herons, but none close enough with access so so I could get a shot.


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