June Blooms



Well, there won’t really be many summer blooms here in a few more weeks. It’s heating up and it’s hard to keep most flowers alive during the Arizona summer. My hibiscus is doing very well after an early spring pruning but, soon, it will be a struggle to keep it going. It needs to be watered and sprayed daily and, even then, it usually looks pretty ragged for most of the season and barely hangs on until fall.


So I took a trip to the nursery the other day and bought a few heat-tolerant plants, including basil, vinca, plumbago, and penstemon (below), which hummingbirds are supposed to love. We’ll see…


If these plants survive, I’m sure you’ll be seeing photos of them throughout the summer when it’s too hot to go anywhere other than our yard.


These are in my neighbors’ yard, Mexican Bird of Paradise, I love them, they seem to bloom almost constantly year-round. I always forget to buy one, though. 108 ° today, and so it begins…


8 thoughts on “June Blooms

  1. The hibiscus is pretty! I hope it makes it through the summer.

    After being away from the Valley of the Sun for 20 years now it is easy to not remember the 108 days. I stayed at a trail head last night and there was ice on the truck windshield this morning.


  2. Candace, this hibiscus reminds me of a gorgeous sunset!
    I have never seen one this color, and it is so beautiful.
    You can send some of that heat here, for sure!
    When I went out yesterday morning, it was 36 degrees, and now they are saying 4 days of rain. 😦

    Wishing you a wonderful day ahead!


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