H 1






My little hummer friends are always around. By the way, did you know that hummingbirds have eyelashes? This photo below is not mine and I don’t know where it came from as someone on a hummingbird group sent it to me but there they are!


Amazing, huh?

Pigeon 1

Well, we all know rock pigeons…and we have plenty of them.

Pigeon 2


This is a thrasher (above), I think, but I wouldn’t swear to it.


Our 2 Harris’ Hawks drop in frequently. We usually hear them before we see them.



And I think this is a brown-headed cowbird (above). They’re lazy and lay their eggs in the abandoned nests of other birds.

I’m finding my new camera unbelievably frustrating, especially figuring out the autofocus. There are way too many options so I experiment but then I never remember what I did on each photo.


8 thoughts on “Boids

  1. Those are great photos of the hummers!
    I still haven’t figured out everything about the D-80. By the time you come to grips with a new camera, technology has made it nearly obsolete and you have to start all over. It would be a big plus too if the manufacturers wrote the manuals in human language.


    1. Boy, that’s for sure. I’m waiting to get one of the field guides for it by anyone but none of them have been released yet. The manual definitely sucks.


  2. Another fine series. Those are amazing hummingbird shots!
    I fight my auto focus when I’m trying to shoot close ups like flowers. It focuses, then refocuses, etc. I sometimes shift to manual which I must remember or another mistake is created. 🙂


    1. No, I’m sure I’d feel sorry for the victim if I did 😦 We saw one carrying something as it flew one day but couldn’t tell what, something small, maybe just nesting material.


  3. Candace, your hummingbird photographs are just gorgeous. I’ve not seen any visit our feeders yet, but when they do, I plan to be there.

    Don’t give up on your camera!!! It just takes time, and patience.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Right now I have 4 feeders hanging out, others in my area have seen the flying jewels, but I haven’t yet. I’m hoping to see some soon. I planted salvia, nasturiums and butterfly bushes. I have to get more planted. I’m sure they’ll show up at my place soon. I also put out some fake Hawaiian Leis, they’re colorful and they’re hanging on a former swing that I’m using to hang my jewel feeders on.


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