Come Sit…

White Rocker 2 a_edited-1

Pull up a chair…and come sit in a sun-dappled garden with me…



From the cool, dark shadows…

Lantana Shade_edited-1



We can listen to the peaceful trickle of the fountain…

Ftn Ball alone

And see who else might drop by. Here comes someone now from the left…

Hummer to Ball

Hummer Ftn

So refreshing on a hot summer day…

White Rocker 3

Come on…your chair is waiting…

(These photos were taken at the beautiful Franciscan Renewal Center (The Casa) in Scottsdale, AZ, which I have photographed many times.)


9 thoughts on “Come Sit…

  1. Oh my goodness! The photo with the hummingbird and the water is simply wonderful! And what is the little orange fruit? Great photos! Prickly pears are my favorite cactus as they come in so many varieties. I can’t get enough of seeing them.


  2. I can hop on a plane and be there in a few hours!
    Each of these is wonderful, Candace, but I absolutely LOVE the first one. Wonderful light, and what a fantastic composition.

    Happy day to you!


  3. majasuave : Hummingbirds love water for drinking, bathing, and playing. A bird bath (whose water will freeze) attracts them to do all these things. Once the threat of freezing temperatures passes, a gurgling fountain will send them into states of ecstasy. The over wintering Anna’s have become quite tame and do not seem to mind my puttering about in the plants beneath them. Visitors get within a foot of the little guys by the front door. Even people uninterested in “birds” find them to be irresistible. In late February the Black Chinned hummingbirds arrived and joined the Anna’s at the feeders. Much shyer, they disappear if you move too quickly. I’m wondering where the Rufous are and expect them to show up at any moment. Migrating hummers remember areas of quality food supply and return each year. Since hummers live an average of ten years, many become old friends (and more tame) as they return year after year.


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