From Tiniest to Biggest…

DSC_0529 crop



My last post featured the little hummingbirds in my yard. This one features the Harris’ Hawks that live in our neighborhood. This was one of them in our pine tree the other day, somewhere we hadn’t seen them before.



As always, the mockingbirds were tormenting him/her~divebombing, heckling, pulling feathers.



Finally he took off with his mockingbird entourage in hot pursuit.


Majestic, isn’t he? You can see more of my hawk shots here.



5 responses to “From Tiniest to Biggest…

  1. Cool. That first shot looks like you’re right in front of his/her face. Either that’s a great telescopic lens, or you’re living to close to the edge.

  2. That’s a beauty! Hard to imagine it living in your neighborhood! Great shots!

  3. I especially like that first shot of the hawk looking head-on into the camera. Interesting the relationship between this hawk and the smaller birds.

  4. Each of these is wonderful, Candace, but the first one here is absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully captured!

  5. Wonderful photograph, beautiful bird:) Greetings

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