Dumpster Diving




Okay, so we don’t really dumpster dive but here’s what happened. In our area of Phoenix, we have alleys and our very large garbage dumpsters are in the alley. There’s one placed every few houses. A few months ago, Tony took the trash out and the dumpster was almost full. On the very top was a cardboard box. We seriously do not go through the garbage but he saw some frames and other objects wrapped in newspaper. These are a few of our “finds.” The hummingbird and the bee (below) are cast iron pieces with bolt things on the bottom. We can’t figure out their purpose.




They obviously attach to something, but what? Do you have any ideas? The bee’s legs extend far beyond the bolt so the objects it could be attached to are limited. A pole, a cane? I like mysteries as I’ve mentioned in the past (here and here), but I would like this one to be solved. We have a couple of other antique cast iron pieces that are somewhat valuable so do you think we should head to Antiques Roadshow with these now? I always love when the appraised $50,000 object was found in a dumpster.

We couldn’t figure out who put the stuff in the dumpster as we didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood who was moving or who had died recently. There was a lot of stuff in there. I was getting some things ready to take to Goodwill about then so we put several items in that box. I wonder why many of the objects were wrapped in newspaper? It’s as though they meant something to someone at one point but not to whoever tossed them. Or, did they inadvertently throw them away when they meant to move them elsewhere?

Anyway, here are a couple more of the objects we kept (click to enlarge):


This Queen Elizabeth Coronation teacup and saucer from 1953 is in excellent condition and I have found the same item on the internet valued at $25-50. Don’t need to take this to the Roadshow but it’s pretty.

The person who owned these objects was definitely into ships and sailing. There were a ton of sailing objects. Since I used to sail a lot in the 1980s, we kept a few of those pieces. There were also candles, moose candle holders, ship candle holders, lighthouse replicas, books, more ships in bottles, knick knacks, all sorts of things. I don’t think any of them were of much value other than souvenir quality:



But the cast iron pieces are a mystery.

What am I?
What am I?

Do you know? I’d love to know but hope it’s not something so obvious that I’ll be embarrassed at my ignorance 🙂


8 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving

  1. Maybe the hummingbird and bee were ornaments on a wrought iron fence or perhaps a pole that might have had hooks for hanging baskets or bird feeders underneath. I’ve seen similar hummers that were faucet handles for outdoor hose bibs, too.

    Tim and I are always scoping out dumpsters or interesting-looking things beside the road. We’re like a couple of magpies when it comes to found treasures. And it looks like you and Tony have happened upon some wonderful things. One person’s trash is another one’s treasure, so they say! I love the little sailboat and the pirate ship! Might have belonged to Capt. Jack Sparrow!


  2. Gosh, it just amazes me what some people will throw away. What a shame, but so very cool that you found these treasures!

    Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog about your neighborhood pigs that get moved from time to time. I love stuff like that! 🙂


  3. Gosh, what finds, Candace! Especially the ship in the bottle. The only thing that comes to mind with bee and hummingbird is maybe some sort of fence “toppers(?)”

    Happy Day to you!


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