Mock Pose 1


Crow 1


Sitting in a swing, watching the birds go by…


Quail 2

Gambels’ Quail family, so cute but they moved too fast to get a good shot.

Quail Fam

I was fiddling with the settings on my new camera (which I can still barely use), when this cute couple showed up (below). I almost never see goldfinches and this would have been a good shot if I had been prepared.


Now they just look like they live on some small, freaky planet.

Mock Pose 2

Watching the birds watching me…

(As in a recent post, these photos were taken at the beautiful Franciscan Renewal Center (The Casa) in Scottsdale, AZ, which I have photographed many times.)

Up From the Egg: Confessions of a Nuthatch Avoider by Ogden Nash

Bird watchers top my honors list.
I aimed to be one, but I missed.
Since I’m both myopic and astigmatic,
My aim turned out to be erratic,
And I, bespectacled and binocular,
Exposed myself to comment jocular.

We don’t need too much birdlore, do we,
To tell a flamingo from a towhee;
Yet I cannot, and never will,
Unless the silly birds stand still.
And there’s no enlightenment in a tour
Of ornithological literature.
Is yon strange creature a common chickadee,
Or a migrant alouette from Picardy?

You can rush to consult your Nature guide
And inspect the gallery inside,
But a bird in the open never looks
Like its picture in the birdie books-
Or if it once did, it has changed its plumage,
And plunges you back into ignorant gloomage.
That is why I sit here growing old by inches,
Watching a clock instead of finches,
But I sometimes visualize in my gin
The Audubon that I audubin.


7 thoughts on “Birdwatching

  1. Hi Candace,
    It’s interesting to see the birds that you are watching in your part of the country. Nice shots. Isn’t bird watching fun?!
    We’ve been watching loon parents guarding their one tiny baby out on the lake. Sometimes it rides on their back as they swim, while other times it’s swimming. Unfortunately it is currently a size that muskies, those huge ugly fish, will eat 😦
    Thanks for your comment at Oopoomoo. Appreciate that!


  2. This is just beautiful. I love not only that you see so much, but also the beautiful captures. They are so delicate, yet brimming with life. Gorgeous.


  3. A fine series of birds. These modern cameras offer so many options that even with in-the-camera helps, it is easy to be stymied on the spur of the moment.


  4. I love birdwatching. So much so, that I almost always forget to use my camera. I love to watch them interact. All of these are wonderful, but the second to last one is really so beautiful.


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