Summer in the City

Vinca July

Coping with the heat in the big city at the height of summer…the vincas are doing well because they’re heat-tolerant.

Hi July

Amazingly, the hibiscus is flourishing during its 4th summer. Instead of being half-dead as in past summers, it has few yellow leaves and keeps budding. We water and mist it daily and it gets a lot of coffee grounds…so far, so good.

Hi Bud

From the blooms of June, the penstemon is dead, 2 out of 4 plumbagos are still hanging in there, and the 2 basil plants are doing pretty well.

This is the worst time of year for outdoor cats in Phoenix but ours have plenty of shade and water and a couple enjoy getting “air conditioned,” wiped down with cold paper towels. They lay low in the daytime and come out at night to eat and socialize. Friday night we had our first bad monsoon of the year and there were some scared kitties out there but it only lasted about an hour and everyone recovered. It storms so seldom here that I guess they had forgotten about monsoons.

Here are the triplets coping with the heat~Ebony, Ivory, and Edie:

Eb on Back

Ivory Stretched

Edie in Bush

Google thinks he has it rough inside...
Google thinks he has it rough inside…

Today it’s been raining again but without the violent winds of the other night. We still had 6 scared kitties huddling in the carport but, once it stopped raining, they were all out exploring…sights we seldom see here in the desert…raindrops on things…


Happy, wet starling!


Our front yard...
Our front yard…

6 thoughts on “Summer in the City

  1. Candace, I just love the names you have given your “triplets!”
    And they are just adorable. there is just something about watching a cat play that is so mesmerizing (and also comical!) to me.

    That hibiscus is GORGEOUS! Makes me think of a sunset.


  2. I like the theme of this post which shares how the heat affects plants and animals. Thanks for the accolade. I don’t keep active with Linkedin, but I like the pat on the back.


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