Hi, Handsome(s)




Our lantana hasn’t been blooming for awhile but, after the rain, it perked up with a bunch of flowers and the skippers are back!

DSC_0682 crop

I think the above butterfly is a sulphur of some sort. It’s larger than the skipper. It looks yellow when it flies but when it lights in the grass, it matches the clover leaves.


Svengali is always handsome and, when I call him, he usually comes running to me, meowing, if he’s in earshot. Click on the photo below if it’s not animated.


Not handsome (below)…and this is how I got stung last year when taking the hummingbird feeder down in the dark.



10 thoughts on “Hi, Handsome(s)

  1. These butterflies are beautiful, Candace, and Svengali sure is a handsome fella! I really like the animation. My Miss Kitty only comes to me if she feels like it. Definitely has her own mind!!!

    Happy Sunday to you!


  2. Hi Candace ~ Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog this morning! :o) Your photos are so pretty – we just planted a lantana this past weekend. Fingers crossed that it does well as a new plant in this heat!

    LOVE your kitty-cat photos, and your animated shots were really fun to watch! Wishing you a fantastic week ahead…


  3. The Skippers and Sulphur are lovely (the Lantana, too!!) I must speak up for the wasp, though! They’re all part of the Circle of Life, unique and vital. Everything has a purpose and when even one thing is missing, Nature goes out of balance.

    I once spent a fascinating hour watching two carnivorous wasps carve up and carry off part of a dead rat in our yard. Their loads were heavy and they dipped down a little as they were taking off. Not sure where they were going, perhaps to feed offspring. They were still returning for more when I stopped watching. Busy critters! Pretty colors, too.

    Seven of our cats come when they’re called. We had dogs in the family until recently, so that might be why they’re so good about it. The only one that doesn’t always come is Daisy who is deaf in one ear. Tell Svengali to be sure and look both ways before crossing the street. He’s a beautiful boy.

    Hugs! Diana E.


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