Be Right Back…as soon as I can get some good photos. It’s just too hot and humid to go on photo-finding excursions locally. We need to go on a road trip soon…Meanwhile, a brief walk through my yard and ‘hood this afternoon…



White Doves_edited-3

I joined The Cornell Lab of Ornithology (and got this totebag) because I wish I was a bird photographer now…first I need a 400mm lens, though…and that’s not happening any time too soon.


The Cat’s Claw is blooming again…


Pine Sap

Sap is running…

Watering Can

Plants need watering all the time…

Moving in the Hood x 4

Tons of our neighbors seem to be moving…apparently the real estate market is up here…although the sign on the lower left doesn’t really bode well for the current owners…but too bad…they moved into a totally renovated cute house about 4 years ago and proceeded to trash it…and now they’re losing it…so hopefully someone more responsible will buy it soon and improve its current state. We (and all our kitties) are staying put.


7 thoughts on “BRB

  1. I remember how hot it was there this time of year! I also remember the cat’s claw. I’ve been trying to get a half way decent photo of a bird that I want to identify, and you’re right, you need a long lens for that.

    I think this is a good time to stay put too.


  2. Ugh the real estate market. I am so sick of hearing about all of it. It’s up, it’s down, people are losing homes, people are back in bidding wars etc etc. I think the realtors make some of this stuff up so they can keep people buying and selling. They are after all the ones making the money every time a property turns over! LOL……

    Soon your heat will be over and we will be freezing once again here. Today it is much cooler. A sign of things to come!


    1. “I think the realtors make some of this stuff up so they can keep people buying and selling.”

      I totally agree with you Roberta, although I hope you find a more responsible neighbor Candace.


  3. You have some fine bird shots. I understand the inhibiting factor of excessive heat. There are more ‘for sale” signs around here too. I enjoy your blogs with mixed subjects and pictures.


  4. I’m sorry about the heat, Candace. We had a heat wave a few weeks ago, but today it is struggling to hit 70 degrees, and it looks like it will be this way for the upcoming week too. Although I’ve not seen any changed leaves yet, it is now very obvious that fall is just around the corner. 😦

    I love your little hummingbird! We have had a serious lack of both them and bees this year. Very strange.

    I wish you a wonderful week ahead!


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