The Cloudy Day

DSC_1022 reduced noise

Cloudy days here are significant because they’re so few. I prefer to photograph in sunlight, especially late afternoon, but this cloudy day earlier this week was so pleasant, with an unseasonal high of 87 degrees, that I had to take my camera to work and stop somewhere on the way home.



I find Great Blue Herons totally fascinating, especially when you can find them right in town. This is an area in mid-Scottsdale with a lot of small lakes. Herons look like they could be cartoon creatures to me, they’re so bizarre and exotic-looking, and I would like to have watched him for hours as he patiently waited for a tasty fish to swim by.


This is the first time I’ve been so close to a dry heron. Usually, they’re wet (like this one in Gilbert) but this one’s long feathers looked so soft and fluffy.


I wish I had picked up this feather because I feel like it was his.

I didn't!
I didn’t!





I was at a little lake called Camelback Lake by a restaurant close to golf courses, parks, and many other small lakes. It’s the same lake I photographed this egret last Thanksgiving. It seems like a peaceful place for a wading bird to hang out and browse the menu.




5 thoughts on “The Cloudy Day

  1. In certain moments of flight, though, the long glide and the soaring turn, I think there are few creatures more graceful or beautiful than herons and egrets. Lovely photos, I think I know that guy.


  2. We have Snowy Egrets, as well as Blue, around Sacramento CA and see them often in the rice fields and irrigation canals. I also used to love sighting the small Green Herons along Putah Creek when I worked at the University in Davis. They were always so focused, perched on logs, waiting…waiting.

    Thanks for the beautiful photo of the male Mallard, too. Mallards are definitely my favorites of the bird kingdom. ❤


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