It’s been a hot week here, 114° today, the highest for this date since 1992, UGH!


So…another day of photos from the ‘hood…one of these days, soon, I’ll have photos taken outside of my immediate neighborhood…but not today.



It went from this (above) to this (below) within a couple minutes late this afternoon but only wind, no rain.



This is one of the irrigation tunnels in the alley. Every 2 weeks, in the summer, neighbors around us get irrigation. We’re in a little area that doesn’t get it because of the way it was set up a looong time ago. Apparently we were on dairy farm land and those that got irrigation were either on cotton or citrus land. The cats love all these underground tunnels and pipes when they’re not full of water. I think it’s a whole other world down there. I wish they wouldn’t go down there but you can’t control a cat, I’ve tried.

Svengali's hot.
Svengali’s hot.
Romeo, the neighbor's cat, is hot.
Romeo, the neighbor’s cat, is hot.
Jessis hot (and hiding).
Jessi’s hot (and hiding).
Stripey's hot.
Stripey’s hot.
Grady's hot.
Grady’s hot.

We’re all hot!

10 thoughts on “Fry

  1. I saw those temperatures down there today. I remember those, although not too fondly. We have been complaining about mid-90’s.

    I used to like the flood irrigation, even when it came in the middle of the night and I had to go out to tend it. Something comforting about getting water that way, perhaps a subconscious link to the HoHoKam.


  2. Oh, I love Svengal 🙂

    I love the heat! I really do. Love your sunny/gloomy pics. I can feel that change…. love windy too!


  3. Oh my goodness, Candace, 114 degrees???
    That’s a bit uncomfortable, I’m thinking.
    Here, we are seeing signs of fall. Quite a few brightly colored leaves on the ground, and some very chilly mornings.

    Love seeing all those sweet little kitties!

    Happy Sunday to you!


  4. Ugh! Yes, it’s been so stinking hot. We are READY for fall, that’s for sure! Loved your kitty photos, and really loved the photos of birds in your next post. 🙂

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my bird post, Candace. I really loved hearing from bird lovers in the comment section, and I’m planning a follow up post. I was wondering if you would mind if I use a portion of your comment as an excerpt in my post? There are a few other comments I’ll use as well, and I would definitely link to you in the post. Would that be ok with you?


  5. One of my cats jumped in my lap just as I started to leave a comment. I was going to write about the possibility of a late-afternoon bike ride, once the shadows grow longer and the sun is not directly overhead, but perhaps staying inside with a cat in my lap is the wiser choice. Not that wisdom is often the dominant factor in my thought process. I think Jessi has the right idea.


  6. You created an interesting series regardless of the heat. Those cats do look like they could use some ice! Of course that wouldn’t last long. A good post.


  7. I’m guessing that there’s no mice left in your neighborhood. It’s hot as heck alright. But, the nice thing about this time of the year is that at least the sagebrush are blooming.


    1. Oh, they’re common, we’ve been higher this summer. It’s just not usually in August that they are so high. I mean, still over 100 but not much over 105 usually in August.


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