Granite Dells Wildlife


Leeeeezards! Lots of them at Watson Lake. Click photos for more detail.


Golden in the sunlight.



Blue-tailed Skink. This one’s tail wasn’t very blue. But this one’s was (and also very long):


They seem to be basically snakes with legs.

2 Liz

Inter-species co-mingling.


This is an Important Bird Area. Lots of them, too.

Duck at Watson



This finch was pensively looking out over the water before he hopped to another tree and started looking at me.

Finch Front

And then there were these little guys, a whole loud, chirping flock of them, darting from tree to tree, hanging upside down on branches, acting silly, barely holding still for a second so we could get some shots of them. They were so cute, fluffy and pudgy, and it turns out they are Bushtits, known for traveling in flocks, being loud, and hanging upside down to eat insects.


Curious, too.

Bushtit 3

Bushtit 2

And we saw several very large black and yellow butterflies, a kind I’ve never seen before but they were very camera shy so we just got this guy, who is a Cabbage White Sulphur, I think.


This combined with my last post of dragonflies and ladybugs concludes the wildlife portion of my Watson Lake series. There may still be a flora post to come.


5 thoughts on “Granite Dells Wildlife

  1. You have created a fine, interesting set of pictures. Those creatures look so much like the ground they are on. It’s interesting you still see birds you haven’t seen before.


  2. Hi Candace ~ this looks like lizard and bird heaven! It’s always fun to try to sneak up on sunning lizards. When hiking in Arches National Park, that was our daughter’s fav past time. Glad you had your camera along on your hike!
    Happy week to you.


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