Pre-Autumn in Indiana


I just got back from visiting my mother in Indiana. I’m excited to have different sorts of photos to post~on top of all the Watson Lake photos I’ve posted recently (more to come from there soon). It’s nice to have a change of scenery now and then. But I’m happy to be back in Phoenix and it’s starting to feel a little autumn-ish here, too~a very little. It was unseasonably hot and humid while I was in Indiana~yuk.



My parents built their house 40 years ago. My father died in 1997 but, until about a year ago, my mother never knew this little lake existed right in her neighborhood, about 3 blocks from her house. Last year I google-mapped it and this year I was determined to find it in person. You can’t see it from any streets; the backyards of several houses surround it and it’s down low.


This access road is technically someone’s driveway so I was trespassing. Oops, sorry. Click photos for more detail.





I wasn’t the only one enjoying the view. I had 4 companions.

The 2-headed Canada Goose
The 2-headed Canada Goose
Ruffled feathers
Ruffled feathers
Preparing for the winter


Some other little buddies I encountered:



9 thoughts on “Pre-Autumn in Indiana

  1. OurGirl’s sister went to Indiana U at Bloomington, so she’s sharing this post with her. What a lovely little lake…too bad it’s sorta private (?) but maybe there’d be too much foot traffic otherwise. Glad you got to see it and share some pictures.

    We love the two-headed goose. Maybe it’ll come visit our yard sometime. We don’t have a pond, but there are several birdbaths and one is pretty big.

    Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx8+2


  2. That’s a pretty little lake. Interesting that it’s a private one, or not public at least. Lush vegetation!

    Well, Phoenix will start cooling off soon and then you have the best climate in the world!


  3. You got some very good shots in Indiana. It must have been exciting to search for the hidden lake. It would be great to have that adjacent to your background if the mosquitos are controlled.


  4. you got a great collection of images. I still love that one of the curving roadway but I was also really attracted to the one of the woodpile. All are very nicely done.


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