Autumn Equinox 2013


Autumn is here! Well, in actual time, anyway. I published this post at 1:44pm MST, the official Equinox. It may not feel like Fall in Phoenix yet but it certainly looks like it by the quality of light. The end of stifling heat is in sight…click photos for more detail.


All the photos in this post were taken in our yard in September. And, yesterday, I “captured” a new-to-me butterfly, a Southern Dogface (in the Sulphur family).



Looking into the void
Looking into the void

And the Fiery Skippers are out in abundance, happy the lantana is blooming.


DSC_1387 frame

Not quite the closeup of our recent dragonflies. Wonder if it’s this guy?

H-Bird 9.16.13 frame_edited-1

I’m glad we have hummers year-round here. This male Anna’s Hummingbird is displaying his gorgeous gorget.




My poem from a few years ago when I also had some photos of cicada exoskeletons:

All you left behind
As you flew off into the deep blue sky
Was your exoskeleton
And the memories of a summer gone by


Tony saw these hawks, there were 4 of them in our tree but one had left before he got the camera.

DSC_1396 crop

They look so irate when they’re squawking. Guess he was mad the other one left.

DSC_1534 with text

You might know how much I like animated gifs. Well, I don’t have any for this post but here are some really nice ones celebrating the Equinox.



4 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox 2013

  1. Hi Candace,
    Your part of the world certainly looks beautiful..looks like summer to me 🙂 I am especially taken by the Southern Dogface butterfly images! The color, detail, and light shining through the wings – all striking!
    Hope you have a wonderful week 🙂


  2. Terrific photos, Candace! I envy your flowers. There are still a few butterflies around here, but nearly all of the flowers are gone now and I can see snow on the distant mountains.


  3. Happy Autumn to you, Candace!
    It both looks and FEELS like autumn here. It’s gotten really chilly.

    I love the color in these photographs, especially the first one.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!


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