Marguerite Lake

D-Fly in Sun

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There is a lake across the street from where I work although it is behind a shopping, commercial, and townhome area so not visible from the street. Now that the days are shorter I need to stop somewhere after work if I want to get some photos so this is where I went the other night…Marguerite Lake in Scottsdale. I hear it’s busy on weekends but there were just a few walkers and bicyclists around when I took this peaceful stroll shortly before dusk.

D-Fly Reflection

This is a dragonfly and its reflection. It was dragonfly city at this lake.



Great Egrets!

White Poles

Heron Black-Crowned Night 10.2.13

And another lifer for me (now that I’m somewhat “in” to birdwatching, I love finding new-to-me birds). Although I see Great Blue Herons often at the local lakes, I didn’t know what this guy was until I got home and investigated online at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He’s a Black-Crowned Night Heron. “With a range that spans five continents, including much of North America, they are the most widespread heron in the world. It is most active at dusk and at night, feeding in the same areas that other heron species frequent during the day.”



Sunset Reflection

As the sun set colorfully over the water, I left the lake and went home.


7 thoughts on “Marguerite Lake

  1. That lake must have been created since I was there because I don’t remember it. What a nice place it is though! I like the idea that birds can use it in relative safety and security, and that you and others can enjoy them there! There is a lot to be said for urban sanctuaries like that, especially ones with water in good supply!


  2. Wow, Candace, how fortunate you are to have the lake right there. It sure looks like a beautiful place to be with a camera, and I think it would be so interesting to watch how it changes with the seasons.

    Happy Sunday to you, and I wish you a wonderful week ahead!


  3. A fine series that touch on several interesting places. The dusk park shot is for peaceful and attractive looking. I’m glad you are pursing your interest in birds. I enjoy seeing them, but know very little about them. Nice post.


  4. Hi Candace,
    What an idilic spot to regroup and relax after a day at work! Looks perfect for you with its birdlife. The Black-Crowned Night Heron is new to me. The Great Blue is the one we always see here in n WI.
    Hope you have a great week and as always, thanks so much for your kind comment 🙂


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