Go Away, Paparazzi!

Skip Paparazzi_edited-1

“Hey, lady, we skippers are sick of you sticking that camera in our faces every time you see us and we’re not the only ones!” (Click photos for more detail.)

H-Bird 2 10.13.13

“You’re constantly invading our privacy at the most inopportune times. It’s, um, courtship season here.”


“You’re not going to win a Pulitzer by sticking that thing in my face.”

Bee Lan

“Buzz off! I’m eating.”


“Although we fluffy little verdins enjoy the limelight at times, you’re infringing on our rights!”

Verdin 10.6.13_edited-1

“And, furthermore, I don’t appreciate photographic evidence implicating me in the theft of hummingbird food. But I do look pretty, don’t I?”


“This is the only angle you’re getting of me!”

Ivory Anne_edited-1

“You don’t inspire me. I’m not signing a model release!”

G and M

“You owe us a lot of treats for this abuse.”


9 thoughts on “Go Away, Paparazzi!

  1. I l*o*v*e all the captions, especially the bee! And I love that the sweet little butterfly is called a Skipper. I remember them fondly from my childhood. They were everywhere then, now I rarely see them. So thanks for the lovely close-up! ❤


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