DBG Stroll, Part 2


A few more things we saw while at the Desert Botanical Garden…Part 1 is here and the Monarch exhibit is here. (Click photos for more detail.)

CW 2

A cactus wren actually on a cactus (with something in its beak).

DSC_0180  DSC_2226


Pretty paths.


Gnarly cacti.




We went to the DBG primarily to see the Monarch exhibit. After we left, we came upon this butterfly, above, and wondered if it was an escapee. However, it isn’t a Monarch. You can see the difference in the webbing of the wings. I think this is a Queen butterfly.




A different rabbit…we saw many.





Another Gambel’s Quail. We heard a rumor that a roadrunner was hanging out by the cafe so headed over there since we never see them anymore.

Chairs DBG

But all we saw were these elusive yellow-green chairs.

Chihuly Towers

Soon to come at the DBG…a new Dale Chihuly exhibit. Last time they had one, they wound up purchasing these 3 Desert Towers for their permanent collection.


4 responses to “DBG Stroll, Part 2

  1. I never thought of cacti as being very pretty, but you sure have changed my mind here, Candace!
    Love your sweet little bunny friend too.

  2. I loved seeing those thing again, Candace, especially the quail. That’s another place I miss!

  3. A great looking collection of shots. It’ so interesting to see the different plants for the climate there.

  4. Thanks so much for writing about the garden!

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