Autumn in My Yard


This is the first time I ever got a shot of a curled proboscis on a butterfly and I didn’t know I had it until I looked at the photos. (Click photos for more detail.)



There are an abundance of hummers at the feeders…



Look at this glamour girl’s eyelashes!


And one of the handsome boys. He thinks she’s pretty.


We have an abundance of these guys, too.


Stripey also has an interest in wildlife.


Geranium 2


Now I’m waiting for my hibiscus to bloom. Normally, it would have bloomed by now but no buds so far so I hope it’s going to be okay.


10 responses to “Autumn in My Yard

  1. Terrific hummer photos! What beautiful little things they are! I envy your having them this time of year.

  2. Your yard is full of beautiful creatures! Stunning photos!

  3. LOVING this series of amazing shots!!! what is your camera kit (body, lens)?

  4. Found your blog through Lesley Carter. Love your pictures and Phoenix. We will visit there at some point during the winter. Will come back to see hat we can do and see.

  5. Oooo, lucky you, Candace! You still have such wonderful colors. We are almost completely in “gray mode” now. I am almost looking forward to some snow. At least it will make things a bit prettier!

  6. Hi Candace,
    Wow, your world looks like summer to me! How fortunate you are. Enjoy!
    The macro world certainly is amazing, isn’t it?! I’m glad you pointed out the eyelashes, as I missed noticing those. Pretty flashy.
    My world isn’t looking very pretty these days – dark, colorless, and cold. Yicks, I think I’m disliking winter already.
    Take care and happy clicking.

  7. j’aime bien le cliché avec le chat et l’arbre

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