D-E-D Dead


My MacBook Pro croaked so I’m out of commission blogging-wise and photo-editing-wise…for a few days. It’s not permanently dead; its logic board failed even though it’s only 2 and a half years old. So, for an exorbitant price, I’m getting it fixed and it will hopefully be sprung from captivity by Friday, at the latest, and good as new…I hope. I do have Carbonite online backup so my photos were safe but, as it is, the hard drive is apparently okay anyway. Still, it’s sort of unnerving to rely on a computer so much and wonder if you’ll ever see your files again.

Oddly, the laptop is my 6th Mac and the first one that ever had a serious problem. I still have my first Mac from 1994 and it works. And I have 3 more in my possession and they all work (admittedly slowly and not very well online). In fact, I’m on my reliable 6+ year old MacBook right now which has functioned as our backup on several occasions the past couple of years (it still works fairly well online). It doesn’t have the image-editing software I like to use, though, so I have no photos to post at the moment.

Back very soon, I hope. Meanwhile, I’ll do some blog-hopping.


5 thoughts on “D-E-D Dead

  1. I know how scary that can be! My iMac had a fatal failure about a year ago too and I was very happy that I had an up to date backup. I’ve been using a 500 Gig external drive plugged into a USB port. When I bought the new Mac I had a tech at Best Buy load everything from the drive to the Mac and everything was restored including software. The backups are done every hour through Time Machine, and I alternate two drives so I always have a spare. Small price to pay!


  2. Bummer!! My current MacBook Pro is my second Mac since high school and it’s doing great (knock on wood). I hope your baby comes home soon back to brand new!


  3. I’m sorry to hear of your logic board failure. I’ve used Macs since it the 80’s and enjoy the quality of these fine machines. I had one i-sight(?) camera fail, but that’s it. I hope you repaired mac is back soon.


  4. I’ve had my mac only 1 year and 4 months and the touchpad went crazy recently. They replaced it, and it’s still acting up, so they think it’s this other part. I’m not impressed. This is my first mac. SO inconvenient when you have to hand it over for a few days.


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